A Dónde Vas en Quintessences Strings

“What would happen if you take a traditional flamenco group, combine it with contemporary flamenco dance and a string quartet?"

We invite you to experience the answer first hand at one of our performances.
The two groups A Dónde Vas and the string quartet Quintessences combined their forces to explore new territories of interdisciplinary arts.

The vehicle of exploration is traditional flamenco which is extended by a string quartet providing possibilities to look and go beyond the stylistic barriers in order to create new and exciting music in its own right.

The element of dance not only creates a direct interaction with the music but extends the stories and enriches the listeners experience. Both music and dance do not only co-exist but depend on each other to help the stories unfold their true potential.

The two groups set out to create an unforgettable experience through their stories, by the means of music, dance and lyrics.

Come and join us!

Photo: Clemens Boon ©2018.

On Saturday 12 May our concert in Munganga was completely sold out and a great success!


"Thank you so much for such an enjoyable flamenco evening. I found there to be a very good balance between all the elements musically and choreographically - everybody was on the same path, had the same vision and expression.  Well done!  Individually and together, very creative also."

Vida Peral, june 2018.